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The transport of technicians safely, comfortably and efficiently to and from wind farms and other sites is critical for both the offshore construction and maintenance phases of any project.
We provide fast, reliable vessels which provide valuable logistical support in the toughest of weather conditions.

We have developed our fleet over a number of years, incorporating our vast marine and offshore transfer knowledge into the design of our vessels. Our vessels offer our customers value through consistent transfer performance and with an enviable Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figure.

Our knowledge allows us to offer vessels specifically suited for a locations and services. We provide our clients with valuable knowledge to ensure the use of our vessels is optimised.


Sites operated by us benefit from increased performance with availability ranging from 99% to 100% and have a reduced year-round weather downtime.
The proven design of our industry leading vessels has facilitated many successful and safe transfers to offshore wind farms across the UK.

The 23m vessels in our fleet have been developed on the back of a £1m R&D project including significant tant testing. As a result of both Iceni's knowledge and the R&D investment, these vessels are performing to an extremely high level, with availability ranging from 99% to 100% and year round weather downtime of 17% to 22% per year.

The proven design of our industry leading vessels has undertaken numerous successful and safe transfer on offshore wind farms across the UK.

It is Turner Iceni's primary goal to ensure that for all of those who come into contact with the company, the vessels or their services, return home safely and come away having had a positive experience. This can only be achieved by ensuring all our stakeholders clearly understand and work hard to implement the company’s core values.



Oil & Gas Support Works
Subsea Deployments
ROV & Diving Operations
Crew & Cargo Runs

Our key capabilities include:

• Nearly 20,000 crew transfers completed in one year (2016) without incident

• Ownership of a fleet of modern Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), plus additional long-term charters

• Experienced and qualified masters and crew, retained for continuity

• Vessels able to operate in 2 to 2.5 metre significant plus wave heights

• High utilisation rates

• Service speeds of up to 25 to 29 knots

• Comfort for passengers of the highest level; the wheelhouse and passenger accommodation are isolated from the hull to reduce noise and vibration with whole body vibration recordings all under 0.3 m/s² A(8) and all passenger comfort recordings significantly under the ISO-2631 limit

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