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M-HAS has been rebranded to IOMA Renewable Intelligence. Click link below to discover more.

Wind Mills


M-HAS is our core condition monitoring system which can be retrofitted to any type of machine. Given an understanding of the main failure modes, Turner Iceni can select a sensor suit that is most suited the application and ensure that the system is cost-effective by only monitoring the necessary components. Data that is collected from the monitored components is sent to the M-HAS Cloud where it can be viewed and analysed using the M-HAS web-interface. From this user-friendly interface, asset managers can view alarms that have been triggered and then plan the remedial action necessary. Alarm history and remedial repairs can be stored, allowing a history to be built up for each machine to aid with planning and prioritising future work. Turner Iceni engineers work behind the scenes to ensure that alarm thresholds are maintained at optimal levels.


Data Collection

The M-HAS DPM (data processing module) is a versatile data logger and processor which allows data to be collected from almost any type of sensor and then send it to the cloud.  ​


Cloud Storage

M-HAS Cloud is an AWS-based infrastructure designed for receiving, storing and utilising the captured machine data. Built with scalability and reliability in mind it is the foundation of the M-HAS service. ​


Analysis + Alarming

The M-HAS web-interface ​is the face of M-HAS, allowing machine owners and operators to see an overview of their fleet health, look for trends in data and manage alarms that have triggered. 

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