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M-HAS has been rebranded to IOMA Renewable Intelligence. Click link below to discover more.

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Condition Monitoring

Turner Iceni specialise in providing cost effective monitoring solutions to sub-MW sized wind turbines and hydro-generators. Monitoring & analysing machine performance in real time allows Turner Iceni to alert key personnel in order to make crucial decisions allowing for optimised operations and maintenance scheduling. M-HAS is fully customisable and can be tailored to any size of machine or application. It can also take inputs from 3rd party monitoring systems to reduce the system costs and make full use of all the data that is available on a machine. 

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M-HAS Advanced Condition Monitoring

M-HAS has been developed to monitor critical assets and allow the customer to plan and predict the deterioration in machine health and performance. Once installed, M-HAS will begin to build up normal behaviour models for that machine and use these to detect deviations from this norm. It can also make use of fleet data to help in the early stages of developing these models to diagnose any potential issues early on. 


M-HAS Portable

Following the success of their machine health assessment system (M-HAS), Turner Iceni have developed a portable diagnostic monitoring system to meet the needs of the renewables industry. This system allows for reactive diagnostics and has the ability to assist in assessing the suitability of wind turbines for lifetime extension.

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Case Studies


Gearbox Wear

Customer: UK Customer

Sensors used: Vibration, oil particulate monitoring

Location: Hull, England

Savings: £120k

Oil monitoring gave an early indication of wear in gearbox.


Coupling Failure

Customer: UK Customer

Sensors used: Vibration

Location: West Yorkshire, England

Savings: £30k - £50k

A rapid increase in vibration accelerometers indicated a fault on the flexible coupling.


Cracked Bedplate

Customer: UK Customer

Sensors used: Accelerometers

Location: Scotland, UK

Savings: £120k

Bedplate crack detected through increased bedplate and shaft vibration

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

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