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M-HAS has been rebranded to IOMA Renewable Intelligence. Click link below to discover more.

Bespoke Solutions

Do you have a specific issue that you are seeing across your fleet and want to understand the cause of this issue so that you can rectify it?

Turner Iceni specialises in creating bespoke solutions to get you the data that you need to solve a problem. Using their expertise in data collection, Turner Iceni engineers can source the required sensors, design them into a system and carryout the complete installation. Data can be accessed immediately through the M-HAS Cloud and web-interface by anyone working on the project.

Sensors used by Turner Iceni on bespoke projects have included:

  • Accelerometers (wired and wireless)

  • Temperature/humidity probes

  • Speed sensors

  • Tri-axial ultrasonic anemometers

  • Wind vanes

  • Lidar

  • Surface wetness

  • Strain gauges

  • Atmospheric corrosion

  • Atmospheric pressure

  • Voltage and current transducers

  • Oil Pressure

  • Online oil condition and particulate counting

Let us get you the data you need to solve your problem

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Academic Partners - Let us get you the data you need


Specific and precise data is often needed for a project to perform novel research. However, the novelty is usually not in the data collection but in what is done with the data. And yet so much of the project budget is invested into the development and deployment of a data collection system which often doesn’t return the required data due to reliability issues or even just the time it takes to develop and deploy a system. Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time, let Turner Iceni develop and install the system for you, getting you the data you need quicker and cheaper!

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