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M-HAS has been rebranded to IOMA Renewable Intelligence. Click link below to discover more.

Our Portable System

Our portable system is a high performance diagnostic toolbox which allows high frequency data to be captured at key locations on the machine. By analysing this high resolution data it is possible to pinpoint a fault and take the necessary remedial actions. 

Rapid Deployment and Diagnosis

The portable system has been designed and built in at the request of our customers in the wind industry to address their specific need to quickly diagnose faults in a wind turbine. This may be where the installed condition monitoring system has been unable to diagnose the fault or just on older machines where no monitoring system is present. It can be used to diagnose specific faults or simply to assess the overall health of a machine.  

It is predominantly utilised for vibration analysis and is well suited to this with its ability to sample up to 100kHz. Most recently it has been used for detecting specifically which bearings on a generator have failed (drive-end or non drive-end), something which can be challenging.


The system itself allows for test parameters, such as sampling rate and duration, to be set up in advance and it is therefore very straightforward for someone not trained in vibration analysis to setup and run the test. The data can then be accessed by experts offsite to quickly diagnose the fault. 

Key Features

Portable Diagnostics

Built into a ruggedized enclosure and capable of running on battery power, this system can be taken to remote locations for rapid deployment and testing. 

Selectable Sensor Suite

The adaptability of this system allows an array of different sensors to selected which are most suited to detecting the suspected fault being investigated. 

Local User Interface

Designed to be easy to configure and run tests therefore allowing non-trained personnel to use. Data can then be accessed remotely for expert analysis and rapid fault diagnosis. 


Request for Innovation Partners

Turner Iceni is looking to partner with wind turbine owners and operators as part of their strategy to develop and deploy new condition monitoring technology and innovative solutions in the renewable sector. 


Following the release of the latest M-HAS (Machine Health Assessment System) software, the Company are now seeking external projects, and a selection of suitable turbines, to test its latest portable system and advanced algorithms for specific fault detection. These free-of-charge, test projects use novel methods for fault detection across the turbine. The goal is to apply the learnings from these innovation projects to improve efficiencies and reduce operational downtime.


If you would be interested in hearing more please contact us at or call us at 0333 012 9258

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