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Turner Iceni van and wind turbine

Turner Iceni inspections are now exclusively offered by IOMA Renewable Intelligence. Click link below to discover more.


There are several different reasons why an asset owner or operator may wish to carry out an inspection, such as ongoing health monitoring, life-extension feasibility studies, or prior to the sale or purchase of a machine that has no historic condition monitoring data. Turner Iceni can perform a number of inspections which allow the current health of a machine to be clearly understood and particularly to identify any underlying issues.  


Non-destructive testing is carried out to ascertain that the components or materials being used are not damaged or faulty and are fit to be used by personnel. The result of testing can show whether the components need to be repaired or if they are safe for operation.


Consisting of a broad range of detection methods, NDT can be used to identify defects that are often not visible to the naked eye but if left undetected can result in catastrophic failure.

Turner Iceni Drone Brochure V2.jpg

Drone Inspection

Using specialised equipment and UAV technology Turner Iceni can carry out pixel by pixel analysis on your turbine. This allows us to identify any cracks, strikes, or material failures, autonomously and at a safe distance.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

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