M-HAS Portable Systems

Following the success of their machine health assessment system (M-HAS), Turner Iceni have developed a portable diagnostic monitoring system to meet the needs of the wind industry. This system allows for reactive diagnostics and has the ability to assist in assessing the suitability of wind turbines for lifetime extension.
M-HAS Port (Tablet)
M-HAS Port (No Tablet)
M-HAS Port (No Screen)
MHAS Graphs

M-HAS service and asset management capability

Alarm Widgets

Main Features

Monitors, stores and analyses critical machine parameters

The system is designed and developed to suit specific customer monitoring requirements and stores this incoming sensor and SCADA data in the server. This, in a short period of time will allow a performance baseline to be established and the system completes this through the use of failure prediction and progression algorithm statements .






Daily Data Points


Alarm Rules

MHAS Phone
Extremely easy to use
Highly Adaptable
Bespoke Monitoring Solutions

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