Following the success of their machine health assessment system (M-HAS), Turner Iceni have developed a portable diagnostic monitoring system to meet the needs of the wind industry. This system allows for reactive diagnostics and has the ability to assist in assessing the suitability of wind turbines for lifetime extension.

The portable system is a fully customisable and can be configured to almost any data acquisition task. The range of built-in sensor input ports allows a suit of sensors to be selected which will most accurately detect the fault of interest. The system comes in a ruggedized IP67 rated carry case well suited to the harsh environment of a wind turbine nacelle. An on-board battery allows the system to be put in place very quickly and a test set up to run for a given time period – depending on the fault scenario this may be anywhere between a few minutes and a few weeks.  With the system in place and acquiring data the technician can re-start and leave the wind turbine then view the data from the comfort and safety of their vehicle or control room via a local network. The data will also be sent to the Cloud where it is stored for later offline analysis if required.

Portable Diagnostics
Ruggedized IP67 Enclosure
Cloud Connectivity
Local User Interface
Battery Powered
Selectable Sensor Suite
Fault Specific Pre-Programmed Test Setups

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