Snapped Tie Rod Ends


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Data from the frame sensor indicated snapped tie rod ends on the turbine blade

Sensors Used to Detect Fault





£50,000 - £100,000


1 Day

An increase in vibration and noise level on both the frame and main bearing accelerometers indicated a fault in the area of the wind turbine’s hub. On inspection it was found that the tie-rod ends which are located in the hub and part of the turbine’s pitch system had failed.

Due to the nature of this fault no indication was given until the component had actually failed however early detection of the failure was crucial in preventing damage to other components.

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Turbine Operations Engineer

’The M-HAS system detected the fault quickly enough to allow a simple replacement of the tie rod ends. This resulted in less than 3 days of downtime from inspection to repair instead of an expensive blade and possibly hub replacement taking potentially months to complete’’ – Turbine Operations engineer

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