Worn Hole in Gearbox Reaction Arm


Devon, Yorkshire


Loose Gearbox Reaction Arms, Perished Gearbox Reaction Arm Bushing

Sensors Used to Detect Fault







Progressed over a month

M-HAS was installed at a site near Devon on the 10th of September 2019. Vibration levels on the generator, main bearing and bed-frame were monitored along with the turbines operational parameters. An increase in vibration levels on the gearbox were detected mid-February 2020 and continued to increase over a period of 1 month before the turbine shutdown. On inspection it was found that the gearbox reaction arm bolts were loose and required tightening. Following this remedial work the vibration levels could be seen to return to normal.

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Should this turbine not have been fitted with the M-HAS system the fault would have progressed and through fatigue and stress the arm would fail. This would have seen a significantly higher repair of thousands of pounds and considerable turbine loss of production and downtime versus a simple up tower adjustment of  a few hundred pounds

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