• Turner Iceni


With over 8 years O&M experience, Turner Iceni can support our clients with both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance with highly trained technicians, fully supported with proven internal compliance processes and a strong, experienced project management team, for turbine and foundation maintenance.

Our turbine technicians can undertake these services on a periodic and/or call off basis all designed to minimise turbine down time.


  • Supply of authorised technicians and engineers
  • 24-hour call-out service
  • Fault-finding, diagnosis and repair services
  • Annual servicing
  • Major component change-outs, including gearboxes, generators and blades
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Gearbox oil flushing
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Other planned maintenance activities

Retrofit Works

  • Electrical systems
  • Gearbox replacement
  • Generator replacement
  • HSE retrofits
  • Inspection and repair of blade and blade bearings
  • Lifting equipment and hoists
  • Upgrading wind turbines to the highest safety standards

First Maintenance & Annual Service

  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Bolt torque and tension
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Oil and grease replacement
  • Electrical systems
  • Statutory testing of turbine mounted safety equipment
  • Statutory testing on hoisting equipment and lifts
  • Tower inspection and repair

Turner Iceni